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Welcome to the Magic Matrix Trading and Services Ltd. website! Our company offers a wide range of services to its future and existing customers.


Call center megoldások

Call-Center Solutions and Call Center related services

We are capable to create and support call-center technologies so we can introduce various types of call center systems as well support them. We also capable to create and support outsourced call center services for long term or project based approach as well to support any requirements.

Gyengeáramú szerelés

Low voltage

Low voltage network design and built, structured (systimax, etc.) Cat 5-6, IPTV, KOAX, stb. All required measurement and documentation capabilities on request special secure cabling design and build. Internal and external cabling including outside cabling for telephony system as well optical cabling and binding.

Elektronikai rendszertanácsadás v2

Electronic security system consultancy

Complex electronic and high voltage system knowledge makes us capable to consult, plan and execute complex high voltage system design, built, fixing existing system failures and modernization. Our executional experience make us able to provide full range of service including but not limited to consult, develop, maintain, and fix high voltage networks and systems.

Video tartalom megoldások

Video content solutions

For Online or other Video requirements we offer design (creative work) and execution for video content creation.

Informatical Consultancy

We have broad experience of various informational background, so we have high capability to consult and help with your actual problem and guide you to find the perfect resolution best suit your situation.


Business Development

More than 20 years of sales and business development experience makes us capable to support and help in any situation to create corporate and business plans as well manage and develop required structural changes and process management.

Cyber security


Our colleagues has more than a decade of experience in this area of knowledge. Our industrial and business critical networking maintenance, support and development knowledge had numerous references. Based on your request we can provide networking and endpoint security solution following the Hungarian legislation regulation as well. Our security operations center is available 24/7 for our customer with the agreed SLA and other conditions.



Customized training services for businesses including IT, security services, process management and field related areas. Our sales support training solution mainly for Retail and in IT field of service.


Certification and ISO 27001

Some of our customer are in the financial and insurance industry so we support their regulatory requirements based on the MNB (Hungarian National Bank) regulation as well our audit service. The ISO / IEC 27001 – Information Security Management certification we provide preparation for all of our customer base.

Executive coaching

Business related coaching support we provide for executive and mid management customers. Our wide range of knowledge allow us to use an different angle of view to approach your particular situation and therefore we can provide other option for resolution. Follow the need of security and flexibility we approach you with highest matter of urgency to conclude your situation. This service we provide for our prime level of customers.



At first we make due diligence of your organization to prepare and see the best approach for outsourcing possibilities and solution. Outcome of our service is a streamlined support and IT organization which works efficiently and cost effectively. We provide this service on regional level for you and your company.

vending machine


High quality vending solutions for retail and hospitality area of business, including localization, fiscal and field services. We provide complete end to end solution for our customers including software solution to manage vending units. We are specialized for bakery, ice-cream and other refrigerated goods vending besides classical products.


Project Magic

Our pro bono service is connected to Csodalámpa (Magic Torch) foundation. The Healthy of Magic helps the rehabilitation of kids via magical attention related to the actual cause of problem. These magical exercises are also supported and trained by doctors and nurses to support the clause from their side. We support this program with our donation to the foundation.

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